Developer Test

Go Staffy Developer Questionnaire

Disclaimer: This questionnaire has a time limit and tracks your activity inside the website in order to ensure the full validity of the content provided.

Developer Questionnaire


Be aware that this questionnaire has a time limit and will be restarted if it detects that you have changed your tabs, closed or change the window and if you have been inactive for more than 5 minutes. The counter will reset if you move your mouse, type on your keyboard or touch the screen.

Status: OK!

Frontend Development

Fundamentals on browser compatibility and asynchronous programming.

Backend Development

Fundamentals on backend development and scaling gateway systems.

Scalability and Performance

Fundamentals on website performance and loading times.

Security in Development

Fundamentals on security.

DevOps and CI/CD

Fundamentals on security.

DNS Records

Fundamentals on database management.

Database Management

Fundamentals on database management.


Fundamentals on testing and integration.

Real Word Scenarios

Real world scenarios present a lot of challenges for developers, how would you approach them?

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